City Events/City Projects

Future City Events

September 7-8-9, 2017 - Tripp Citywide Rummage Sale - Contact Dione Dewald 605-935-6055 for more details. Deadline is Aug 29th. $5.00 fee to cover ads and flyers. Maps are in Cash Smart and New and Used stores. Also the website to view addresses and dates is

September 29, 2017 - Co-Ed Kickball Tourmament and Tailgate -
  Tripp Softball Field @ 7:00pm Tailgate @ 6:00pm

June 13, 2017 Vote Results

In a 140-30 (82 percent) decision, voters accepted their city council's resolution of necessity to utilize a $400,000 Community Access Grant from the S.D. Department of Transportation toward an estimated $834,000 Main Street reconstruction project today, despite the opposition of some Main Street property owners, who will be assessed for the costs of curb, gutter and sidewalk adjacent to their properties. Mayor Vic Olson said he was "pleased to see an understanding by the community of the long-term benefits this project will bring to Tripp." City officials had put bid-letting on hold when the project was referred to a vote in April, saying they wanted to conserve city funds, in case the project was rejected, but Olson said the process will reconvene immediately, now that the election is over.
By - Wendy Royston